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“The Brandram Brothers factory was the 18th Century amalgamation of two Lower Road chemical factories, one belonging to the Brandrams and the other belonging to James Dummelow.

For a period the amalgamated company was known as Brandram, Dummelow and Co., before becoming Brandram Brothers. They were manufacturers of paint pigments, including some fairly noxious chemicals, like white lead, saltpetre and oil of vitriol (sulphuric acid). Their factory was first established before the docks started occupying the entire peninsula. Stephen Humphrey states that in 1800 Samuel Brandram "redeemed the land tax on no fewer than five acres," and that by 1882 it had around 90 employees. The Brandram company also had properties and interests elsewhere in London. The factory closed in 1958 and was demolished for the construction of the Canada Estate in 1962. “,%20Brothers%20&%20Co&f=false


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white lead, saltpetre, sulphuric acid


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