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First records begin with the ownership of S. Bowley and Son, who moved from Westminster in 1868. Having produced soaps and candles in Westminster, it is presumed the Wellington Works would have continued in this industry, but there are no records to indicate when the production of soap and candles began or ended. The only records available indicate the production and sale of refined petroleum products at least until 1914. While it is highly likely the distillation and refining of petroleum ceased not long after, the site of the Wellington Works remained the headquarters for S. Bowley and Son, which sold garden implements such as hand trucks into the 1950s.


1868 to 1914


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Naphtha, Petroleum Lubricating, Motor Spirits, Varnish, Colour and Paint.

Used Raw Materials



From To Owner
1868 1960 S. Bowley and Son


From To Industry
1868 1914 Oil and Petroleum Industry
1868 1914 Chemical Industry
1868 1914 Varnish and Paint Industry