Vidal Wharf (St David's Wharf)

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An industrial site on the southern tip of the Isle of Dogs, Vidal Wharf went through a series of occupants in a short amount of time. Prior to 1892, it was used by Millwall Pottery. From 1892 to 1897 the site was occupied by a copper-depositing operation. Starting in 1897, Vidal Fixed Aniline Dyes Ltd. produced dyes at the same site. This ceased in 1905 when the Manganese Bronze and Brass Company occupied the site to produce ship's propellers. This continued until the late 1940s, when the site was absorbed by the adjacent lead works.


1892 to 1949


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Located in



Copper, aniline dyes, ship's propellers

Used Raw Materials

Copper ore


From To Owner
1892 1897 General Electric Power & Traction Co
1897 1905 Vidal Fixed Aniline Dyes Ltd
1905 1949 Manganese Bronze & Brass Company Ltd


From To Industry
1892 1897 Metal Industry
1897 1905 Dye and Colour Industry
1905 1949 Engineering Industry