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“In 1881 the site was taken by the Horse Shoe Manufacturing Company and the United Horse Nail Company, both set up in that year, which merged in 1883 to form the United Horse Shoe & Nail Company. (fn. 52) They also occupied the adjoining Victoria Wharf, amalgamating the two premises.

The company undertook a considerable amount of rebuilding to adapt the site to its needs, employing the builders Merritt & Ashby of London Wall. (fn. 53) In the early twentieth century its annual output was approximately 1,800 tons of horseshoes, but the increasing numbers of motor cars and motor omnibuses led to a decline in demand for its product and it was dealt a further blow in 1907 when the War Office, one of its major customers, placed an order for 100,000 pairs of horseshoes with an American firm. (fn. 54) The company went into liquidation in 1909. (fn. 55)”


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