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1855 to 1961


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Leather Cloth

|1855 |1857 |Crockett International Leather Cloth Co. |-

|1857 |1955 |The Leather Cloth Co. Ltd |-

|1955 |1961 |James Williamson & Son |-

|1855 |1961 |Leather and Skins Industry |-


“About 1857 the Leathercloth Co. acquired the sole rights of making leathercloth, patented in 1849 by J. R. & C. P. Crockett of Newark (N.J.). The company built a large factory in Abbey Road on a site previously occupied by the gutta percha works and originally by the parish workhouse.(fn. 286) An extension, housing a cotton-mill, was added in 1866. Shortly before 1936, when there were 500 workers, the factory also began to make rubber cloth. In 1955 the firm was taken over by James Williamson & Son of Lancaster, which closed the Abbey Road works in 1961. (fn. 287)”

“In 1849, two Americans called J. R. & C. P. Crockett patented a type of artificial leather known as leather cloth. In 1855 the two men established the Crockett International Leather Cloth Co. in West Ham, Essex, to manufacture leather cloth for the European market. A large factory was built at Abbey Lane on a site previously occupied by the gutta percha works and originally by the parish workhouse. There were also warehouses and offices in Cannon Street, London and in Paris, France. In 1857 the Crocketts sold out their business to a company formed under the title of The Leather Cloth Co. Ltd. under the management of Henry Cooper. The company continued with the production of leather cloth, which was being used chiefly for upholstery. An extension to the West Ham works housing a cotton mill was added in 1866. At this time the factory was producing some 15,000 square yards of cloth per day. In the mid-1930s the company began the production of rubber cloth. The total workforce at this time numbered around 500. After the Second World War the firm was producing the Synthede and Ledobrands of leather cloth which were used for upholstery, furniture, shoes and toys. In 1955 the Leather Cloth Co. Ltd. was taken over by James Williamson & Son of Lancaster and the Abbey Lane works in West Ham were closed down in 1961.”'s%20Leathercloth%20Co.&pg=PA482#v=onepage&q&f=false's%20Leathercloth%20Co.&pg=PT874#v=onepage&q&f=false