Thames Soap & Candle Works

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1849 to 1930


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Soap, Candles

|1849 |1913 |Wilkie & Soames |-

|1849 |1913 |Soap, Candle and Related Fat Based Industires |-


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“In 1849 the company moved to larger premises situated on the banks of the River Thames in East Greenwich. The Thames Steam Soap Works (later known as the Thames Soap and Candle Factory) became highly profitable and employed over 140 men and boys. In 1864 the works had special departments for glycerine and paraffin as well as for soap boiling and candle making. The company's slogan was “Greenwich the world standard in both soap and time.” Wilkie & Soames soap brands included Apron, Big Wilkie, Spry, Wonderful Water and British Carbolic. The company also made candles Greenwich Sperm andStearaffine. Wilkie & Soames were taken over by Lever Brothers in 1913 and the soap factory in Greenwich was closed in the 1930s.“