Tar & Liquor Works

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1879 to 1970


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Solvent naphtha, Pure benzole, Pure toluol, Sharp oil, Creosote, Naphthalene, Carbolic, Soluble creosote, Sulphur, Iron oxide, Carbazol, Green oil, Anthracene, Crude bases, Nitro-benzol, Aniline, Pitch, Refined tar, Ammoniacal liquor, Liquid ammonia, Ammonium carbonate, Ammonium chloride, Ammonium sulphate, Ammonium nitrate, Anhydrous ammonia, Cyanogen liquor, Prussiates of soda and potash, Potassium cyanide

Used Raw Materials

Coal Tar, Ammonia

|1879 |1949 |Gas Light & Coke Company |-

|1949 |1970 |North Thames Gas Board |-


At some point, changed name to Beckton Products Works.

"For several years, since the opening of Beckton gas works, large quantities of tar, liquor etc had been sold to outside firms at uneconomic prices. Since there was a growing and highly profitable market for chemicals derived from coal tar, it was agreed that the construction of a tar and ammonia by-products works, owned by the GLCC, should be commenced as a matter of urgency. "