Tanned Hides

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Unfinished leather imported from many locations. The United States of America, British India and Australasia developed into major suppliers.

Database name and ID:

Hides Tanned Tawed Curried or Dressed (except Russia Hides) 553

Hides Tanned not otherwise Dressed 755

Leather Tanned Unwrought 1548

Hides Tanned Buffalo Cow or Ox 1702

Hides Tanned Losh 1703

Skins Furs Pelts Lamb Tanned Tawed or Dressed 1140

Skins Furs Pelts Sheep Tanned Tawed or Dressed 1150

Skins Furs Pelts Goat Tanned Tawed or Dressed 1136

Skins Furs Pelts Kid Tanned Tawed or Dressed 1138

Skins Furs Pelts Unenumerated Other Sorts Tanned Tawed or Dressed 1331

Imported from

Used to Make