Spencer Chapman & Messel Chemical Works

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Oleum, Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid, Battery Acid

|1872 |1878 |Squire, Chapman & Co |-

|1878 |1899 |Chapman, Messel and Co |-

|1899 |1965 |Spencer Chapman & Messel Ltd |-

|1872 |The date "{{{to_date}}}" was not understood.The date "{{{to_date}}}" was not understood. |Chemical Industry |-


"1872 William Stevens Squire (1834–1906) of Dunn, Squire and Co, initially at Stratford in Essex, formed the company Squire, Chapman & Co. with Mr Spencer Chapman, premises at North Woolwich Rd, Silvertown, as makers of sulphuric acid[1]. Squire took his assistant Rudolph Messel with him to the new business. Messel developed a process for the manufacture of fuming sulphuric acid, which was in great demand as a raw material in the dyestuffs industry. The key to the process was the combination of pure sulphur dioxide and oxygen gases using a platinized pumice catalyst. The process was patented by Squire in 1875."

I can't really find any information on when they stopped manufacturing at this location. According to the Times, after the merger sometime in 1964-1966 to form Berk Spencer Acids, a new works was going to be built at Stratford.