Silvertown Works

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1852 to 1965


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Waterproof Clothes, Submarine Telegraph Cables, vulcanized rubber, electric generators

Used Raw Materials

Caoutchouc, copper, jute, gutta percha, sulfur, lime, iron, kaolin

|1852 |1864 |S. W. Silver and Co |-

|1864 |1933 |India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Company |-

|1933 |1965 |British Tyre and Rubber Co |-

|1852 |1965 |Rubber & Gutta Percha Industry |-


Starting production in 1852, originally produced waterproof clothing and insulated cables and wires for S.W. Silver and Co. In 1864 Silver's sons and a third partner, John Hancock, formed the India Rubber, Gutta Percha, and Telegraph Works Co. to produce submarine telegraph cables at the same factory. By 1892, the Silvertown Works had the second-highest rateable value of any factory in West Ham at £14,560. The only factory which was rated higher was the Great Eastern Railway Shops at Stratford, which was valued at £21,750.