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John Broadwood & Sons Pianoforte Manufactory +John Broadwood & Sons  +


Kensal Gas Works +Western Gas Company  +, Gas Light & Coke Company  +


Lambeth Pottery +Royal Doulton  +
Lamprell Street Match Factory +British Match Corporation  +, Salvation Army  +
Langthorne Chemical Works +R. Gay & Co.  +, W.S. Squire & Co.  +, R. England & Co.  +
Leven Road Gas Works +Commercial Gas Company  +
Lloyd's Paper Mills +Edward Lloyd  +
London Spinning Mills +William Ritchie & Son  +
London Yard +Westwood, Baillie, Campbell & Company  +, Westwood, Baillie & Company  +, Yarrow & Company  +,
Longhedge Works +London, Chatham & Dover Railway  +, South Eastern and Chatham Railway Companies  +, Southern Railway  +


Marine Engineering Works +John Penn and Sons  +, Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Ltd  +
Merryweather and Sons Fire Engine Works +Merryweather and Sons  +
Millwall Iron Works +William Fairbairn & Sons  +, J. Scott Russell & Company  +, C. J. Mare & Company  +
Minoco Wharf Silvertown Lubricants +Mineral Oils Corporation  +, Silvertown Lubricants  +, Gulf Oil Corporation  +


Neckinger Mills (leather) +Bevingtons and Sons Limited  +
Neptune Tar and Chemical Works +Arthur J. Dickinson  +
New Imperial Saw Mills +The Saw Mills Co.  +, W. I. Brine & Sons (Furniture Veneers) Ltd  +
Nine Elms Gas Works +North Thames Gas Board  +, London Gas Light Company  +, Gas Light & Coke Company  +
Nine Elms Locomotive Works +London and South Western Railway  +


Old Kent Road Gas Works +South Metropolitan Gas Company  +, British Gas Corporation  +


Palace Works +Palmer & Son  +
Pancras Gas Works +Imperial Gas Light & Coke Company  +, Gas Light & Coke Company  +
Peruvian Guano Works +Ohlendorff & Co  +, Anglo-Continental  +, Fisons Ltd  +
Phoenix Saw Mills +Brown Kruse & Co.  +, Blyth and Pascoe  +
Plaistow Wharf +Abram Lyle and Sons  +, Tate and Lyle  +
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