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Developed by Burt, Boulton an Haywood, which had been founded by railway engineers, to import and produce railway sleepers and other treated lumber. Eventually expanded to distill and produce a wide range of chemicals from coal tar, which they were distilling 12 million gallons of per year by 1876. Coal tar was a useful by-product of the coal gas industry, with several large coal gas works such as Beckton and East Greenwich relatively close to Prince Regents Wharf. The distillation and production of chemicals continued through subsidiaries until 1969.,_Boulton_and_Haywood


1856 to 1969


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disinfectants, insecticides, dyes, treated lumber, wood preservatives

Used Raw Materials

Coal Tar


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1856 1969 Burt, Boulton & Haywood


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1856 1969 Chemical Industry