Neptune Tar and Chemical Works

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Anthracene, Super Phosphates, Phenol, Ammonia, Naphtha, Paraffin

Used Raw Materials

Coal Tar

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“Neptune Chemical Works. 1864, owned by A.J.Dickinson FRS, FSC, manufacturing chemist. They distilled tar, anthracene, and made super phosphate, Phenol, ammonia, naphtha, paraffin.”

"Established 1864. Arthur J. Dickinson Ltd opened the Neptune Tar and Chemical Works, at Deptford in London. The company manufactured refined tars and pitches which found a ready market in the ship building industry which prospered in Deptford in those days. 1906 the first rope treatment emulsions were produced and now the company has an international reputation as the leading chemical supplier to the Hard Fibre processing industry."