Minoco Wharf Silvertown Lubricants

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1896 to 1997


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Used Raw Materials

Crude Oil

|1896 |1901 |Mineral Oils Corporation |-

|1901 |1929 |Silvertown Lubricants |-

|1929 |1997 |Gulf Oil Corporation |-

|1896 |1997 |Oil and Petroleum Industry |-


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“In 1896 the Mineral Oils Corporation was formed by Charles Hunting to distill and refine lubricants from Russian crude oil imported by the Northern Petroleum Tank Steamship Co. of Newcastle upon Tyne. They built a jetty, wharf, and works here. In 1901–2 Minoco became Silvertown Lubricants Ltd., and in 1929 were acquired by the Gulf Oil Corporation. In the 1930s they made Lubricants, processed with Hi-Duti concentrate, cutting oils, quenching oils, transformer and switch oils, Penetrol and Speedolene. It was taken over by Shell UK in 1997 and in spite of a £5m refit it was decided to decommission the plant at Minoco Wharf and sell for development. “