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“In 1860 the Directors of the London, Chatham & Dover Railway purchased the 70-acre Long Hedge Farm, a mile east of Clapham Junction to build their locomotive works. By the end of 1862 they had erected an erecting shop for 12 locomotives, a running shop for 26 locomotives and a carriage works. At first only repairs were undertaken, but starting with a batch of three Martley "Enigma" Class 2-4-0 locomotives in 1869, a number of locomotives for the Chatham Railway were built in house at Longhedge, though the works was sufficientkly small that most new locomotives continued to be outsourced. Following the creation of the SE&CR the Longhedge Works was closed for a time, and the work transferred to Ashford. Ashford Works was a byword for sloppy production and poor workmanship, so it is hardly surprising that the SECR Chief Draughtsman, Robert R. Surtees (1855-1919), formerly Chief Draughtsman of the LC&DR under Kirtley, took a very dim view of this. When the move to Ashford came, he saw to it that all the crates of works equipment being transferred were labelled "Property of LC&DR." From 1911 Longhedge Works was rented out for some years as the London headquarters of the Pullman Company. The closure of Longhedge Works proved unfortunate, and the SE&CR shortly thereafter faced a severe motive power shortage which Ashford was unequal to the task of overcoming. Following the creation of the Southern Railway in 1923 the works became the repair shops of the Stewart's Lane Motive Power Depot -- the largest on the Southern Railway. In 1957 the buildings were demolished and replaced by a new Stewart's Lane Motive Power Depot, specializing in the servicing of electric multiple unit trains, in which capacity it has continued until the present day. Mr. Surtees would have had the last laugh since Longhedge Works continues operating in the twenty-first century whereas Ashford Works closed in 1962.”




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