John Knight's Soap

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1817 to 1920

Located in



John Knight was originally a candle maker before he set up his first soap factory in 1817, using the same waste materials. By 1844 the company John Knight and Sons was making its famous Royal Primrose Soap and in 1880 they moved their factory to Silvertown. The company was a private family firm until 1902, when it became a private limited liability company with most of the share still held by family. John Knight and Sons (Limited) were “soapmakers and perfumers, tallow melters and refiners, oil seed merchants and crushers, glycerine makers and distillers, bone boilers, candle makers and manure manufacturers” (Times November 16 1906). In 1906 it became a public company under the name of John Knight Ltd. In 1920, John Knight was fully taken over by Lever Brothers.