Ida Wharf

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1867 to 1857


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Iron Buildings, Roofs, Girders, Corrugated Galvanized Iron Sheets, Galvanized Iron Holloware, Wire Netting, Buckets, Roofing Felt, Perforated Zinc, Zinc Roofing, Wrought Iron Tanks

Used Raw Materials

Iron, Zinc

|1867 |1957 |Frederick Braby & Co. Ltd. |-

|1867 |1857 |Engineering Industry |-


Frederick Braby & Co. Ltd. was established in 1839 and had the Fitzroy Works at Euston Road before opening the works at Ida Wharf on July 27, 1867, followed by Victoria Works at Victoria Road two years later. In 1957, a new factory was constructed at Crayford and the works at Euston Road and Deptford were both moved to the new location. The company made a variety of products with galvanized iron and zinc, particularly construction materials.