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Hemp Tow or Codilla of Hemp 1009

Hemp 552

Hemp Dressed 992

Hemp Rough or Undressed 1008

Hemp Dressed or Undressed 1318

The only entry for Hemp in both the Pharmacopeia and Compendium comes from the Pharamcopeia, with an entry for India Hemp (Cannabis indica). The extract and tincture are both manufactured from the female flowering tops of the plant (which is called Cannabis sativa in the description of Cannabis indica).

British Pharmacopoeia 1867

Indian Hemp Cannabis Indica

“The dried flowering tops of the female plants of Cannabis sativa… For medicinal use that which is grown in India, and from which the resin has not been removed, is alone to be employed.”[1]


“Tops consisting of one or more alternate branches, bearing the remains of the flowers and smaller leaves and a few ripe fruits, pressed together in masses which are about two inches long, harsh, or a dusky green colour and a characteristic odour.”[2] Used in the preparations of:

  • Extractum Cannabos Indicae
  • Tinctura Cannibis Indicae

Preparations of Indian Hemp

Extract of Indian Hemp / Extractum Cannabis Indicae [3]

  • Indian hemp, in coarse powder (1 lb), rectified spirit (4 pints)
  • dose: ¼ - 1 grain
  • used in the preparations of: Tinctura Cannabis Indicae

Tincture of Indian Hemp / Tinctura Cannabis Indicae [4]

  • extract of indian hemp (1 oz), rectified spirit (1 pint)
  • dose: 5-20 minims


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