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Usually found on oak tree, used as sources for tannin or tannic acid for the process of converting animals skins and hides into leather (Watt 1885, 43).

Database name: Galls

A Compendium of Domestic Medicine, 1865

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Galls are predominately used externally, although Savory does state that there are some who use galls internally to treat ague and fevers (he does not indicate how effective this treatment is, however).

Galls are recommened in the treatment of poisoning from tartar emetic (199/178)

Remedies Containing or to be used with Galls

  • Galls (89/68): powdered galls included in a lotion and ointment to treat piles. Macerated bruised galls are included in the creation of a fomentation used to treat prolapses ani, the piles, and fluor albus.
  • Ink (89/68): non-medical Savory also includes instructions on making ink from Aleppo galls.

Diseases Treated with Galls

General Diseases

  • Piles, or Haemorrhoids (269/248): an ointment containing galls and opium can be administered for the treatment of piles