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Cubibs Recorded as Cubebs

A Compendium of Domestic Medicine, 1865 Cubebs

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Classified as a Diuretic (Remedies Which Cause an Increased Secretion of Urine) by Savory (413/392)

Also known as Java Pepper, Cubebs are “diuretic and slightly purgative.” They have been used to treat gonorrhoea and gleets by Oriental practitioners, and used to season food in Arabic cuisine. (73/52)

Remedies Containing or to be used with Cubebs

  • Balsam, Copaiva (46/25): combined with cubebs to treat gleets, and fluor albus.
  • Cubeb, or Java Pepper (73/52): can be administered either in the form of a volatile oil or powder, the former being preferred by Savory as due to “not losing its properties by keeping.”
  • Tincture of Buchu Leaves (176/155): tincture of cubebs included in Buchu Mixture, used to treat “urinary irritation, gravel, spasmodic stricture, gleet, fluor albus &c.”
  • Tincture of Cubebs (179/158): used in a mixture to treat “diseases of the bladder and of the urinary passage, and in gonorrhoea and gleet.”

Prescriptions Containing Cubebs


  • Buchu Mixture for Chronic Inflammation of the Bladder (347/356): tincture of cubebs