Benjamin Winstone & Sons

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While we don't have specific start and end dates for this company, we do have a source mentioning the date in which Mr. Winstone left his medical practice and joined Mr. Foster as a partner in creating a firm called "Foster and Winstone"[1]. The later name of the company, Benjamin Winstone & Sons, suggests that at some point Mr. Foster left the business and Mr. Winstone's sons joined him; however we do not have direct record of this. We do not have a specific end date for this company either, but we do have a record of a court proceeding from 1890 in which two men are convicted of stealing paint from Benjamin Winstone & Sons[2]. In addition, we have a reference regarding the occupation of a factory in Stratford until at least 1956[3]. The company owned factories at two locations in London: a series of small facilities around their headquarters in Shoe Lane, and a more substantial facility in the Stratford Marshes.


1849 to 1956

Located in