S. Bowley and Son

From London's Ghost Acres

Founded in 1744 and operated a soap and candle manufactory as well as an oil refinery in Westminster until 1868. After 1868, the company managed the Wellington Works in Battersea, producing refined oil products such as lubricants, motor spirits, and napatha distillers as well as varnish and colour and paint products until at least 1914. It is at this point that records of oil and chemical products from S. Bowley and Son disappear, but advertisements from 1959 depicting a hand truck for gardening for sale by S. Bowley and Son suggest that the company survived until at least 1960. Indeed the English Heritage article claims that the site of the Wellington Works remained the central office for the company, but that it had ceased production of oil and chemical goods some time prior.


1744 to 1960

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