India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Company

From London's Ghost Acres

Founded in 1864 between S.W. Silver's two sons and Charles Hancock. Together they combined a factory in Silvertown which had been in operation since 1852, and a patent for insulating materials made of gutta percha and India rubber. With this, the company began to manufacture and lay submarine telegraph cables insulated with gutta percha. In this venture the company was highly successful, at one point receiving orders for 4000 nautical miles of submarine cable and owning several ships for the purpose of laying said cable. This prosperity would not last however, with few cables being manufactured and laid after 1902, and no ships being employed to repair cable after the CS Dacia was torpedoed in December 1916. The company ran into financial trouble in 1927, and was acquired by the British Goodrich Rubber Company in 1933, which changed its name to the British Tyre & Rubber Company the next year.,_Gutta_Percha_and_Telegraph_Works_Co


1864 to 1933

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