Boracic Acid

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Boracic acid, is a weak acid, and when diluted, it can be used as an antiseptic when treating minor burns and cuts. It can be used as an eye wash when it is highly diluted, but this use causes a greater risk of toxicity. (

An artificial version of Borax is listed in the Pharmacopeia. Boracic acid is not addressed in the Compendium.

British Pharmacopoeia 1867

Boracic Acid

Is soluble in alcohol and burns with a green flame [1]

Preparations of Boracic Acid

Solution of Boracic Acid [2]

  • Boracic acid (50 grains) dissolved into rectified spirit (1 fl oz) and filtered

Borax / Borax [3]

  • an artificial version of Borax can be made by combining boracic acid and carbonate of soda


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